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This page provides many downloads that are helpful resources. Please contact us if any of these documents do not load properly.


Anti-idling Compliance Worksheet - Ulster County BOCES

Emergency & Rescue Procedures - NASDPTS

Field Trip Guidelines - NYAPT

Homeless Designation Form (STAC 202) - NYSED

Idling Information - NYSED

Manual of Procedures in Disciplinary Actions -  NYSDOCS

Motorcoach Safety Action Plan - USDOT


National Specifications and Procedures Manual (2005) - NCST

NHTSA Selecting School Bus Stop Locations July 2010

Operation Safe Stop Forms

    School Bus Driver Survey

    Hot Spot Report

    Letter to Police

    Letter to Retailers

Q&A's for transporting children with special needs - USDOE

RATSA's 40th Anniversary Publication - RATSA

Reference Guide to State Aid - Questar III BOCES

Runaway and Homeless Youth Act Transportation Reimbursement (RHYA) Form - NYSED

School Bus Safety Is One School Bus Stop At A Time (SBSIOSBSAAT 2010)

School Bus Route & Hazard Marking Systems - NASDPTS

School Bus Safety Handout - TSA

State Aid Transportation Definitions -NYSED

State Aid Guide to Aidable/Non-Aidable Transportation Expenses - NYSED

Supervisor's Manual - Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

NTSB Reports

Central Bridge, NY ~ School Bus and Dump Truck Collision 10/21/99 - NTSB

Conasauga, TN ~ Railroad/Highway Accident Report 3/28/2000 - NTSB

Congers, NY ~ Railroad/Highway Accident Report 3/24/72 - NTSB

Fox River Grove, IL ~ Railroad/Highway Accident Report 10/25/96 - NTSB

Gando, AZ ~ School Bus Run-off-the Road and Roll Over 11/3/00 - NTSB

Huntsville, AL ~ Highway Accident Brief 11/20/06 - NTSB

Milton, FL ~ Highway Accident Brief 5/28/08 - NTSB


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